Clinically proven cosmeceutical skin care and
colour in one with 95% certified organic, natural
and naturally derived ingredients



Every Aevitas Active Organics is created from extensive research. We started by asking real women what they want their skin care to deliver in terms of results, and how they wanted it to feel. We then asked them what they want from their make-up, and how they wanted it to look on their skin. Their answers give our Research and Development Chemists the guidelines from which our outstanding products were then formulated.

You told us you want:

  • anti-ageing, skin firming, lip plumping and lash extending results you can see within days
  • a high content of natural and organic ingredients without compromising results
  • to know your products are safe and will deliver on their promises
  • outstanding coverage from your make-up yet want it to feel like you are not wearing anything at all
  • make-up to last all day and enhance your natural beauty
  • make-up that makes you look younger, not just today, but every day

After years of extensive research, development and testing, the Aevitas Actives Organics starting range has finally been launched – and now loved – by an ever growing number of Australian women.

We haven’t stopped there – we are putting the next product launches through extensive rigour now to ensure they continue to deliver the Aevitas Active Organic results you want from our clinically proven cosmeceutical make-up – making sure they are perfect for when they get launched too.

The Leading Scientist behind the Aevitas Active Organics Range

Developed and formulated by one of Australia’s leading Cosmetic Chemists, Belinda Pilmore, the Aevitas Active Organics range surpasses the quality and performance of other coloured cosmetics; not just in terms of colour performance, but in the efficacy of their cosmeceutical activity. Belinda is the founder and Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science and is highly respected in her field both in Australia and Internationally. She is also the only Cosmetic Chemist licensed in Australia to deliver Diploma level training in Cosmetic Science and Formulations.

The Institution behind the Safety and Efficacy Testing

The Institute of Personal Care Science is a Registered Training Organisation that is quality audited. They are experts in Cosmetic Science and have worked extensively to ensure the safety, efficacy and results of the Aevitas Active Organics range. Their multi-disciplinary scientific approach uses:

  • extensive safety evaluations of raw materials and finished products to ensure purity and safety of end products compliant with safety regulations in Australia and around the world
  • traceability of organic produce to ensure it is pure, organic and non-GMO
  • state-of-the-art product evaluation and efficacy testing to ensure the results we promise are the results you get
  • performance testing of raw materials and finished products to ‘clinically proven’ protocols with statistically significant results
  • stability and quality testing to ensure perfect end product
  • ethical and approved human testing, not animals, to confirm safety and efficacy results

Aevitas Active Organics products deliver on their promises

At Aevitas, we have invested heavily in Research and Development, to ensure that you get products that deliver on what they have promised. We have made sure they answer your skin care and make-up needs in the one product, and we have tested them extensively to make sure you get the anti-ageing, beautifying and cosmeceutical skin care results we have promised.

We know you’ll love the way they feel, perform, and most importantly, the way you look within days of first using them. We’ve made them incredibly effective in both short and long term results so you can enjoy your Aevitas look now and well into the future.









Incidental UV exposure accounts for up to 80% of an individual’s sun exposure over their lifetime, and contributes dramatically to visible skin ageing. It’s also largely unavoidable as part of our everyday lifestyle – sitting by the window in your car or office, exercising outdoors or enjoying a backyard bbq with friends are all examples of how incidental UV exposure can add significantly to visible skin ageing. INSTEAD – turn this incidental exposure into a skin benefit and REVERSE the signs of ageing, with Aevitas Active Organics Foundations and BB Tinted Moisturisers.


Aevitas Active Organics is a new, Australian made make up range that contains revolutionary and unique photo-responsive ingredients that harness the suns normally aggressive energy and turn it into a positive skin treatment. The actives in our products have been clinically proven to utilise UV energy to nurture collagen formation by over 20% within 28 days and elastin synthesis by over 50% within 60 days. Visible results: 15% more skin elasticity and dramatically younger looking skin within 60 days.