How to Apply Make-up Correctly


I think every woman would like to know the perfect technique to get that flawless complexion? I call this the holy grail of make up achievements. Once you master this, the possibilities are endless. As someone once said  “Can I get an Amen in here?”

The secret, of course, is the right products and foolproof steps to achieve that all-important glowing complexion. 

I have learnt over the years that without primer you can just forget about achieving that flawless finish.  Most primers on the market however are made up of silicone - that gives you the slip and glide but it does nothing for you. If anything it just builds up on your skin and this could lead to breakouts. 

So choose BB Prime or BB PRIME PRO – with no silicone and chockfull of actives and skin nourishing ingredients. This is a primer that is actually treating your skin concerns whilst applied, not just disguising them!

So keep in mind Primer first ALWAYS.


On a cleansed moisturised face apply a tiny pearl sized amount of product of either the BB PRIME or BB PRIME PRO - dotting your chin, cheeks and forehead. Using your fingers helps warm and melt the product beautifully into your skin. 

Once your primer is applied evenly over your face, you’re already half way there to achieving your flawless complexion. 

Now for the star of your beauty show – the BB FINISH (I could go on about how fabulous this product is but I will let you discover this for yourself.)

One pump will do the trick but if you want a fuller coverage settle for one and a half pumps. You can have the product on the back of the hand or a palette to make application that much easier and ever so professional – keep in mind you are adding the final touches to a masterpiece – YOU.

Use a foundation brush, sponge or your trusty fingers to dab a little product on your chin, forehead, and cheeks. Start working this glorious product from the centre of your face, blending outwards towards your hairline. 

The centre of our face (in case you haven’t noticed) generally is the area that is home to majority of ALL our skin concerns, so ideally you want more coverage there. Besides, is there anything worse than a hairline caked in foundation?!

We all have areas that we feel all the concealer in the world couldn’t help (*cough coughunder eye bags*), that is no longer true as I have now discovered thanks to the BB FINISH.

Once all of your complexion product has settled in nicely, take a tiny dab more onto the tips of your fingers and press gently into the area of concern. I am telling you, melting product into your skin with your fingers is a game changer!

For a person who once needed several products to achieve that all-important glow I now have an even better glow and my skin is thanking me everyday for it with only just TWO products. Even my makeup bag is screaming hallelujah and my arms are not aching from lugging around this massive make up bag. So it is a win, win all thanks to my new lifesaver AEVITAS – girl you so need this.