Aevitas BB Prime

Aevitas BB Prime


The primer that no person should be without. Why? Because BB Prime works like nothing on the market. Make up lasts longer and skin, underneath it, is still fresh, moisturised and cared for.

Extensive research has led to this modern and sophisticated formulation. Most primers are known to blur imperfections, control oil and even skin tones and they also usually have silicone* as one of their key ingredient.

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    all-day-wear with comfort


    BB Prime has no Silicone in its formulation. *Silicone or Dimethecone is simply added for the all-important silky feel.  This ingredient, however not harmful, can have a semi-occlusive effect - something like a barrier, and over time this can be built up suffocating your skin.

    BB Prime contains:

    • Panthenol (Vitamin B5): arguably the best moisturiser on the market
    • Shea Butter: rich in fatty acids and Vitamin A
    • Titanium Dioxide USP: natural sun protectant
    • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): a great source to boost immunity to the skin, improves redness and blotchiness, helps to dull hyper-pigmentation and minimise the look of wrinkles and lines
    • Vitamin E: Skin Conditioner; antioxidant

    The BB Prime does more than just blurs imperfections.

    • It evens out skin tone, controls oil,
    • Softens fine lines
    • Enhances make up’s staying power
    • It brightens, nourishes and protects the skin.
    • Make up is not only easier to apply, but it lasts longer.

    The beauty of it all is that with the BB Prime skin underneath it is continuously moisturised and cared for along the way. That is what we call all-day-wear with comfort.

    How to apply:

    • After cleansing your face use only a pearl-size amount for the whole face.
    • Dot on your chin, cheeks and forehead and gently massaged BB Prime into skin.